Wolfchain enters the Seed Fund contest

News Jan 30, 2021

Wolfchain has entered the Stellar Community Fund Seed Fund contest

Last Monday, January 19, Wolfchain entered the Seed Fund contest is one of the contests made by Stellar Community Fund, a website where Stellar allows the community to present their projects (that use Stellar technology) and receive various awards. The contest has already closed the registration period, the first phase of votes will be a vote by the jury, which will decide the winning projects (between 3 and 5 projects), then the community will be able to vote for their favorites and each of the projects will receive the percentage of the award you have had in terms of votes. The prize is 5,000,000 XLM, which at the current exchange rate to euros is € 1,067,021.

This contest is very important for Wolfchain since there is a very large prize at stake which would help to get all the product out by being able to hire more workers and finance the project and part of the voters are Stellar users, the main people interested in Wolfchain , they are largely the target audience and thanks to this contest there can be a lot of feedback which helps to create a better product.

There are currently 59 projects signed up and we are waiting to meet the finalists, however, until March 15 the chosen ones will not be known, after this there will be a discussion period in which users can ask questions about the projects and be answered This period will last until April 26, and finally there will be a user voting phase that will last until May 10 and the award received by each project will conclude.


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