Wolfchain has released an explanatory promotional video about its platform

News Jan 29, 2021

Wolfchain has made a promotional video in which they explain all the parts of the project with 2D animation.

Last Monday, January 19, Wolfchain uploaded a 2D animated video to YouTube in which the 4 parts of the project (Wolfbridge, WolfWallet, WolfPay and Wolfchain) are explained in a very simple, fast and technical way which does not leave indifferent nobody, at the moment the video is only available in English, the dubbing is done by Ana Gago Merino, a Mallorcan actress who, despite not having English as her mother tongue, does an excellent job dubbing the video.

The assembly, illustrations and 2D animation of the video are made by Jordi Gago, one of our co-CEO, the images have been designed in Illustrator and the animations made in After Effects.

The video was made to present the contest called "Seed Fund", organized by Stellar, which required a video explaining the project, although it will also be used to introduce new people and explain what Wolfchain is.

Haven't you seen the video yet? What are you waiting for!


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